We know that the industry is notoriously hard, and just keeping your head above water is tough, never mind being successful. With the pitfalls of everyday business when you’re short of staff, a mountain of paper work to do, increased competition for customers and skilled workforce and not knowing which way to turn, we pride ourselves on being able to understand the challenges you face, and we are here to support you. We will help you build on your business, or to take you forward to the next level making sure you have the tools to continue to grow in the future.

Consultancy Services


With experienced consultants in a range of disciplines, Black Star is positioned to offer objective, expert analysis and advice in all front and back of house situations. For business management teams it may be that you simply don't have the time to step back and look dispassionately at the issues holding the business back. For investors and property owners, there may be areas of the hospitality industry in which you don't have specific expertise. We will always work with you to pinpoint the problem and help solve it with practical advice and action plans to move your business forward.

Operational and financial performance review

Our aim is to provide hotel owner’s stakeholders with financial information that clearly demonstrates the performance of the business as a whole and each revenue-generating centre within it. We provide industry-specific key performance indicators and detailed analysis of profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow using our own Management Information pack. Additional Black star services include forecasting, payroll and accounting advice.

Pre opening, Re branding

Whether you are at the feasibility stage and you require expert opinion on a potential project, or you require some extra help in the lead-in to opening we can be there for you. We have strong relationships with a range of people such as architects, surveyors, interior and graphic designers, kitchen designers we can help you to appoint the right people to do the right job covering all aspects to ensure that your launch is right first time.

Staffing Services

If you need additional staff in any field or expertise to bridge the gap between permanent appointments, why not bring a Black Star consultant in. We can bring a fresh perspective and new energy providing you relief during the recruitment process.

Management Services


The hospitality industry has never been so competitive and only genuinely dynamic management will enable you to survive and thrive. Whether your property is privately owned, or part of a major group, we can provide flexible resource and skills that will give you the edge. Black star hotel management service gives owners the opportunity to enjoy the capital growth and asset advantages without being tied to the day-to-day operations. Whilst we take a hands-on approach, our aim is always to create solid foundations by empowering your full-time staff and management

Purchasing, stock control and gross profit improvement

Sourcing the best suppliers, negotiating the best prices, minimising waste, managing inventory. There are many ways to improve your gross profit on food and beverages. Sometimes it might be the smallest of things that make the biggest of changes. We can undertake a top-to-toe review of your food and beverage operation. We'll use all of our experience to recommend ways to benchmark and improve your gross profit.

Revenue management

The constant evolution of distribution channels and the associated technology and partnerships means we have a dedicated focus on hotel revenue management, and always look to introduce an integrated rate matrix and yield system. We are also able to look at the entirety of the property, identify revenue-centres, such as weddings, functions and business meetings that are under-performing and propose strategies for maximising revenue.

Ongoing management

Black star provide a range of options for ongoing management of your hotel or group. We can work alongside your existing management team, providing additional support, advice and mentoring where necessary. Taking over the full operation of the hotel or acting as an owner's representative a tailored management contract can be provided.

Sales Services

Sales and marketing

Nowadays you are competing against different variations of hotels from single boutiques with half a dozen bedrooms, to the larger hotels and wedding venues, where they have built a brand, exploit social media, and have an interactive website to attract visitors from Milton Keynes to China. Sales and marketing is a major role where you can generate business quickly and measurably. We can help and support you with the training and tools to meet your revenue targets.

Increasing the top line

We like to look at the top line, not just the bottom line. We like to build revenue and turnover. More staying guests mean more restaurant bookings, more word-of-mouth, and more repeat business. One of those guests might book a wedding, or recommend your hotel to their company for a meeting. Cutting costs could be a short term benefit but can lead to problems with unsatisfied customers, poor staff morale and many more issues it is often the easy option but not the long term solution.

Improving online booking systems

Online booking systems are constantly evolving. Opening up the distribution channels fully is vital, whether its GDS exposure, maximising or driving business to your own website we understand the necessities to keep you open for business.

Mystery guest programme and staff development

Feedback is a powerful tool. Our mystery guest programme stress-tests your entire operation, from the greeting at reception to the efficiency of the check-out, and will provide you with a comprehensive report on strengths and weaknesses and advice on how to improve whether a ongoing staff development and training program or the smallest of changes to improve your customer feedback.

Performance Sales watch programme

Monitoring sales enquiries we will provide a monthly call programme that will bench mark the hotel on how it responds. Each month one or more calls are made to your establishment from one of our experienced and trained callers. We will then feed back with a full report on strengths and weaknesses and where opportunities are being missed so you can improve your top line figure.